The construction crew ordered three different sizes of rebar wire ties

I knew we were going to go through a lot of rebar wire ties on the upcoming job, so I made sure to order three different sizes.

I wasn’t exactly sure what we would use, but I knew that the extra items would be fine sitting on a shelf in the storage room for a month or two.

I ordered Type 304 stainless steel double loop wire ties in both 6 in and 12 in sizes. The type 304 stainless steel double loop wire ties can be hard to find. I found the 16 gauge stainless steel double loop wire Ties on sale for 10% off. I found the stainless steel double loop wire ties online. It was very easy to order from the online website. I took my time going through that menu of items that they had available. When I was finished, I placed the order and used my business credit card to pay for all of the items. Business sent me an order confirmation a few minutes later. I was supposed to receive all of the stainless steel double loop wire ties in three days and they actually arrived in two days. I was overwhelmingly happy with the service that I received from the company and I would absolutely use them again. Not only was it easy to order online and have everything delivered to the work site, but the company had everything that I needed in the same place. I didn’t have to go anywhere special to get the zinc coated double loop wire ties either and they can be very hard to find.

16GA galvanized rebar wire ties