The stainless steel 14 gauge was cheaper than the 16 gauge

In my line of work, all of us use a lot of stainless steel wire ties. I buy these items in bulk from an online distributor, and recently the online distributor had a sale and provided 8% off for all customers placing orders before the end of the week. I knew that there were some supplies that I could use and I localed an order that included 14 gauge stainless steel double loop wire ties and 16 gauge stainless steel double loop wire ties. I was surprised by the online prices. It had been a while since I really sat down and looked at the costs of all of the items that I use. The price of the stainless steel 14 gauge double loop wire ties was much cheaper than the cost of the 16 gauge. I ordered as several supplies as I could afford and they were all delivered a couple of days later. I would not normally stock up and keep that several extra supplies on hand, even though I cannot pass up a good deal. When all of us had the occasion to buy bulk fence posts for 20% savings, I bought a storage locker just so I could locale the fence posts in a locale that did not take up space. My wife wasn’t really blissful with the immense purchase, even though I told her that all of us would definitely use all of those 4×4 posts for fence repairs and replacement jobs and other building projects. In one quarter, all of us used all but a small stack. When all of us had to order more, they weren’t as cheap as they were five weeks previously.

16g galvanized double loop ties