I need about 1500 more feet to get the hay finished

I own about 550 acres of farmland.

On that land I have horses, cows, pigs, and chickens.

I bail hay on a lot of the land. We have a machine that bales the hay. Inside of the machine, there is a place where we load rebar tie wire. I usually purchase the 14 gauge PVC coated rebar tie wire. I prefer the polyvinyl chloride coated rebar tie wire, because it is softer on the hay. The stainless steel rebar tie wire tends to cut through and it isn’t as sturdy during shipment. I run the 14 gauge PVC coated rebar tie wire through the baler along with the same loop ties. The machine uses the 14 gauge PVC coated rebar tie wire and loop ties to bail the hay. We had about 50 more Acres of hay to finish and I thought we needed about 1500 ft of rebar tie wire. Unfortunately, I only had 500 ft of wire in the shed. I didn’t have time to order the inexpensive stuff online. I went down to the tackle and feed store and I purchased some of the cheap stainless steel rebar tie wire that they had in stock. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it worked out well enough. It did cut into the hay, but we didn’t have any issues during shipping. Next time I order online, I’ll be sure to get extra so I can stock the shelves in the garage. I really don’t like running out of the products that we absolutely need to use on the farm.


16 gauge galvanized wire ties