My wifey is thoughtful plus lovely

My wifey plus I have been together for 6 weeks.

I guess she might be the one that I will marry.

I want to ask her to transport in with me, but I’m afraid it might be too soon plus I don’t want to petrify her away. It’s odd really, because most of my life I have feared commitment but now all I want to do is marry this girl plus be off the market. I met Alice when I was on the job site. I am an iron worker by trade. My job is to assemble a structural framework by using pieces of iron plus rebar to create a structure. Occasionally I work on heights that are 5 or 10 stories in the air. I have no fear of heights. There are guys that work for the company that won’t leave the ground. I earn extra money because of the dangers that are buddyd with some of the heights. My wifey looked online to see if she could find a present for myself and others that had to do with my job. I was actually impressed with the product that she chose for me. I have to carry pieces of wire plus I use the wire to create a structure. My wifey purchased myself and others a tie wire reel that is made of lightweight aluminum. It connectes to my tool belt actually easily. I can use the tie wire reel on a number of weird items enjoy 14, 16, plus 18 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire. I can also use black plus the outdated or PVC coated rebar tie wire. I can fit sizes all the way up to 18 gauge in my reel. It was actually one of the best presents that I have ever acquired.

Forming wire