My friend the professional sculptor used rebar more than any other medium

My close friend is a professional sculptor these days specializing in metalwork, but he used to be a physics and math student in my liberal arts college during the same years I attended. He eventually grew bored with just doing math and science so he decided to branch out into trying a few art courses. This is where he developed his intense passion and love for sculpting specifically. The thing is, he was taking physics and mathematics courses at the same time and had a huge interest in applying formulas and equations to his artistic medium. That’s what gave my friend the idea to realize complex shapes and objects using perfect measurements of all the applicable sides and vertices. His work is quite impressive, especially after he started welding and moved almost exclusively to sculpting rebar tie wire instead of cardboard and wood. There were a lot of wholesale building supply companies near our college campus back then and he could get coils of rebar tie wire fairly easily as a result. It made it the perfect art medium for him, and the corrosion-resistant varieties like galvanized rebar tie wire and stainless steel rebar tie wire can be left outdoors without fear of rust. Now he’s a professional sculptor in the field of math art. His work, often made out of rebar tie wire, is featured all over the continent in several different countries. It’s amazing to see how far he has come with his work in the years since. I would have never guessed that he would become a semi-famous artist in the years after university.

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