The store had coffee tables made out of rebar

I loathe the thought of spending lots of money, even if it’s on a piece of furniture I know that I will use daily. I have an l-shaped desk made out of glass and metal, which I scored for 60% off at only $70 total. While it was a better desk than most, I don’t think I could ever justify spending more than that amount of money again on something like a desk or table. I want products that bring utility and value for how much they cost. I’ll never forget those huge wooden wire coil spools that were popularly used as cheap coffee tables between the 1960s and 1990s in my area. While I still see them on social media from time to time, I haven’t actually seen one in someone’s house since my childhood. But as far as utility is concerned, you can’t beat it if you find one for free assuming someone in your family worked in construction. My father was an electrician and had one in his apartment when he met my mother. Recently I was casually looking at coffee tables at the furniture store that just opened near the street I work on. I was surprised to see that there were coffee tables made directly out of rebar tie wire. I’ve seen rebar wire repurposed for other things beyond concrete reinforcement, but this was the first time seeing a piece of furniture made out of steel rebar wire tie. The frame of the coffee table was made out of rebar while the surface was a rectangular piece of clear glass. To no surprise to me, the coffee table was $400.


16g black annealed rebar tie wire