Selling a rental property

I purchased a rental dwelling in Jacksonville thinking it would be a lucrative investment.

I made significant improvements to the house.

I remodeled the living room & lavatories, purchased new appliances, painted & landscaped. I thought that I’d found ideal occupants. For a couple of months, everything went well. Then the rent started coming in later & later. Eventually, they stopped paying altogether. Whenever I drove by, I noticed the lawn wasn’t mowed & there was garbage piled on the porch. The process to evict them took nearly a year. When they finally vacated, I was left with considerable detriment. There were holes in the walls, broken windows & clogged plumbing pipes. The appliances were destroyed. There was mold growing in the lavatory, gouges in the floor & missing door handles. I was looking at a tremendous amount of time, aggravation & money to make the house livable again. I just wanted to sell it, and blessedly, the amount of repairs made passing a home inspection impossible. I just didn’t have the energy to tackle such a sizable project. I researched weird occasions & decided to take luck in a money sale. There are various home purchasers in the Jacksonville part that make offers on all types of homes, regardless of the condition. I read reviews, chose the most reputable & filled out an online form. In less than an hour, I acquired a reasonable money offer. I didn’t even need to know it. I accepted & eliminated the worry over repairs, inspections, listings on realtor fees. The closing happened in under two weeks. It was a immense relief to walk away from the dwelling


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