Selling Portland inherited home since I didn’t want to go back in it

I inherited a home in Portland, OR due to my mother passing away.

She enjoyed the area plus adored her condo even more.

When she passed I couldn’t bear to walk into my childhood home. I didn’t want to go through my mother’s stuff plus determine what to keep. I realized that I would need to in order to sell it. I would have to go through my mothers clothing, pots, pans, plus all sorts of junk, but deciding what to sell plus what to keep would have been painful. I also didn’t want to repair the home, stage it, plus know who was going to live in it next. Honestly selling my inherited home for cash was the smartest thing I ever did. I found a Portland real estate investor that was more than willing to take it off my hands. I had a neighbor go into the condo to take all the things I really wanted. After that, I agreed on the price with the cash house buyer in Portland plus signed the papers. I then never stepped foot at that property. No cleaning, no repairs, plus no staging. I also don’t know who ended up buying it plus living there. That is good. I don’t really want to feel about someone else in my mother’s house. Another benefit I found was breaking out the real estate agent. I didn’t have to spend money closing costs, deal with hidden fees, plus handle any coordination. That was really good during a time of grief.

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