Didn’t like residing in the neighborhood as well as wanted to get rid of the apartment fast

I got talked into buying a place in Jacksonville, Florida.

I had a bunch of university friends residing in the area.

I thought it would be great to have a friend group as well as be near them. I imagined us bar hopping, hitting diners, as well as seeing each other all the time. Well most of them are married with kids. So they don’t absolutely have time to hang out. The other ones like weird kinds of things more than me. I realized that I lived in the neighborhood but didn’t absolutely do any of the perks of it. I never rode my bike to the cute little shops in Avondale. I didn’t do day trips to St. Novemberine. Jax beach was right there as well as I never went to it. I was paying an advantage each month to live in an apartment that I didn’t absolutely like. The neighbors were right on top of me as well as the apartment was too small for me. So I started looking further south. I found an apartment in a rural section that had a great plot of land. It was very hard since I had woods on either side of me. Across the street you could barely see the neighbors. It was a done deal as far as I was sad. The issue was getting rid of the Jax house. I tried listing with a real estate agent. But I absolutely didn’t like how long everything was taking. I wanted to be done with that section as well as start a modern chapter. So to speed things up I just did a Jax real estate buyer that does apartment fast for money. It was so nice to dump off that place on someone else.


sick of being a landlord