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  • Stainless steel rebar tie wire is more expensive than black bar rebar tie wire

    I am happy to say the supply lines on various kinds of rebar tie wire have drastically improved during the previous six months Metal isn’t cheap these days, as is the case with all building materials. The price of wood skyrocketed at the very beginning of the pandemic from the sheer fact that the supply […]

  • The store had coffee tables made out of rebar

    I loathe the thought of spending lots of money, even if it’s on a piece of furniture I know that I will use daily. I have an l-shaped desk made out of glass and metal, which I scored for 60% off at only $70 total. While it was a better desk than most, I don’t […]

  • I told my neighbor to use rebar in the foundation to his new garage

    My neighbor can be one of the most stubborn people on the planet. I told him not to light fireworks off in a patch of grass but he did not listen. An hour later I heard the sirens from the fire truck assuming he had inadvertently started a fire. My worst fears came true when […]

  • My wifey is thoughtful plus lovely

    My wifey plus I have been together for 6 weeks. I guess she might be the one that I will marry. I want to ask her to transport in with me, but I’m afraid it might be too soon plus I don’t want to petrify her away. It’s odd really, because most of my life […]

  • Was it worth the extra money to buy american made metals

    I will say for certain that the products were adjustable, durable, plus self-explanatory to manage My construction company picked up a big project plus it was the first one that both of us had that was a government contract. Every one of us were hired to build 50 concrete block homes on the army base. […]

  • I need about 1500 more feet to get the hay finished

    I own about 550 acres of farmland. On that land I have horses, cows, pigs, and chickens. I bail hay on a lot of the land. We have a machine that bales the hay. Inside of the machine, there is a place where we load rebar tie wire. I usually purchase the 14 gauge PVC […]

  • The stainless steel forming wire worked out well

    When I was very young, I found a piece of wire in my dad’s workshop. I used a pair of pliers to bend the wire into a cool and interesting shape. I started creating lots of different figures and animals out of the pieces of wire that I found around the workshop. I never dreamed […]

  • My rebar wire costs are through the roof!

    I was very pleased with the selection of products, but I wasn’t going to order online before I had the opportunity to speak with someone in the management department. I have to replace some of the wire from time to time. I was using a metal company close to home, but after my business doubled […]

  • All building supplies have gone up in price recently with inflation

    When prices started to slowly increase on certain items during the pandemic, I figured this was a temporary issue related to the effects of the virus on people, their spending habits, and the economy as a whole. However, I had no idea that this was simply a sign for much worse things to come in […]