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  • I need about 1500 more feet to get the hay finished

    I own about 550 acres of farmland. On that land I have horses, cows, pigs, and chickens. I bail hay on a lot of the land. We have a machine that bales the hay. Inside of the machine, there is a place where we load rebar tie wire. I usually purchase the 14 gauge PVC […]

  • Was it worth the extra money to buy american made metals

    I will say for certain that the products were adjustable, durable, plus self-explanatory to manage My construction company picked up a big project plus it was the first one that both of us had that was a government contract. Every one of us were hired to build 50 concrete block homes on the army base. […]

  • All building supplies have gone up in price recently with inflation

    When prices started to slowly increase on certain items during the pandemic, I figured this was a temporary issue related to the effects of the virus on people, their spending habits, and the economy as a whole. However, I had no idea that this was simply a sign for much worse things to come in […]

  • I wanted to learn how to weld so I bought rebar tie wire to practice

    I don’t think my parents realized what they were doing when they bought me an electronics kit at age 10, because it completely changed my life for the good. I had a nascent interest in electronics and how they worked, but knew next to nothing at that age. While the kit taught the building blocks […]

  • The construction crew ordered three different sizes of rebar wire ties

    I knew we were going to go through a lot of rebar wire ties on the upcoming job, so I made sure to order three different sizes. I wasn’t exactly sure what we would use, but I knew that the extra items would be fine sitting on a shelf in the storage room for a […]

  • We had to fill 2,000 orders on that day

    Last month we were running 16 gauge plastic coated rebar wire ties through the machine and something got stuck Last month, I was working at the factory and we had a huge problem. I have been employed at the factory for the past 10 years and I have never had a problem reaching our quota. […]

  • The stainless steel 14 gauge was cheaper than the 16 gauge

    In my line of work, all of us use a lot of stainless steel wire ties. I buy these items in bulk from an online distributor, and recently the online distributor had a sale and provided 8% off for all customers placing orders before the end of the week. I knew that there were some […]

  • There is no AC in the rebar wire ties plant

    When the weather is hot and humid, I really don’t want to go to work. The AC unit does not work very well and neither does the ventilation system. The ventilation system is supposed to keep all of the metal particles out of the air and out of our respiratory system. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t […]

  • The crew left metal parts all over the construction site

    After the ground has been cleared, the concrete and rebar crew shows up to start building what will turn into be the show of the building, bar, or restaurant. I work with a crew that handles all the finishing touches after the concrete and rebar crew has finished. My boss had a deal with a […]