I forgot to order the 16 gauge PVC coated ties

I am the person in charge of making sure that we have all of the materials necessary to complete the jobs that are scheduled each and every month.

I was an ironworker for 10 years before I got hurt on the job and I have been working in an office since the accident occurred.

I often wish I was still out on the platform with the other guys, but my neck and my back will not allow that at all. One of the products that makes our job much faster and easier is double loop wire ties. These products are made with high-quality steel and they can be extremely flexible. The steel double loop wire ties are very durable and Incredibly difficult to damage. We order our double loop wire ties from a company that offers galvanized, black annealed, stainless steel, and PVC coated options. It’s nice that we can order all of the double loop wire ties from the same company. We had a restaurant scheduled to start on Tuesday, but I somehow forgot to order the 16 gauge PVC coated double loop wire ties. We had every other 16 gauge double loop wire tie in stock, but there were no PVC coated ones. We couldn’t start the job on Tuesday and I ended up driving 3 hours to pick up all of the items that we needed for the job. I drove a rental truck to the place and back, so my boss wouldn’t have to wait a week for delivery. The guy really wasn’t very happy when he found out that I forgot to make the order.

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