All building supplies have gone up in price recently with inflation

When prices started to slowly increase on certain items during the pandemic, I figured this was a temporary issue related to the effects of the virus on people, their spending habits, and the economy as a whole.

However, I had no idea that this was simply a sign for much worse things to come in the near future.

Because by the following year, the supply line issues weren’t improving and this would soon create irreversible reverberations throughout the whole global economy. One of the first commodities to shoot up in price was oil and gasoline. Since I work away from home in an office that is roughly 15 miles away, I have to rely on my car to get me to and from work everyday. We don’t have quality public transportation in this town, something that frustrates me whenever I think about it. Suddenly I was struggling just to afford enough gasoline for just my work commutes, because trying to also pay for the trips to stores, doctors offices, and other destinations was becoming next to impossible. Sadly, things only got worse from there. Groceries have increased in price across the board, along with other basic essentials. My brother is a building contractor and he told me that all supplies from wood to concrete have increased in price with the current levels of inflation. Rebar tie wire is particularly expensive right now, especially if you’re looking for anything other than black bar carbon steel rebar tie wire, which is the cheapest and most common rebar that you can find. The stainless steel, galvanized, and PVC coated rebar tie wire are all extremely expensive now, making these building projects the priciest they have ever been.



16 gauge galvanized wire ties