16ga galvanized double loop ties were used in our road.

When they finally ripped our road and redid it, everyone was happy. For years, we had been plagued with pot holes that were big enough to swallow a small car. If you weren’t careful, it was easy to take out an axle, or blow tires from dropping into the pot holes. Along with potholes, there was parts of the road that were buckling because of water getting in the cracks, freezing, and upheaving when the water froze. Ths left a dangerous mess even if you were trying to cross the road. My grandmother was crossing the road in front of our house, she tripped on the pavement, broke her ankle, and then broke her hip when she landed on a hard part of the buckled roadway. Mom and dad tried to convince her to sue the city, but she said it would take too long and she could have been more cautious about where she was walking. It thrilled everyone on our street about the repairs, but I was even moreso. I was fascinated with everything they had to do before put in a new road. They had to tear of the new road, and remove what looked like long metal pipes. My dad told me they were rebar, which gave stability to the road. I asked was used to keep the rebar from moving, and he said they normally used 16ga galvanized double loop ties. There were loops on each end that allowed the workers to easily bind the ends together. I watched so I could see the 16ga galvanized double loop ties, and hopefully see how it was used to bind the rebar.

Tie wire coils made in USA