My supplier invests in real estate by the navy base

There are lots of stadiums around Jacksonville, where the real estate is priced low.

There are some areas near the navy bases with satisfactory real estate that is respectfully priced below the market value.

My supplier invests in real estate that is located by the Navy base. There are two quite active Navy bases in Jacksonville. One is near the beach plus one is in town. The navy bases in Jacksonville are undoubtedly well known plus one of the largest employers in the city. None of the years ago, I bought a property that was in foreclosure status. A few weeks after that, I received a telephone call from another Navy woman who wanted to sell her property fast for money. The Navy woman wanted to sell her Jacksonville property fast for money, because she was getting ready to go overseas plus did not want to worry about renting or selling the property. I visited the Jacksonville property plus came up with an unbiased plus satisfactory offer for the property. The Navy woman didn’t ask twice when I gave him the money offer for the house. I absolutely could have spent $5,000 less, but I was trying to be fair. I turned that home into a rental. The three dining room property is less than 2 mi from the Navy base plus is close to shopping plus eating establishments. I had no problem at all renting the home to a young couple with two adolescents that gave me the first month of rent, Last year of rent, plus a security deposit.

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