The hoarder property was in terrible shape

The lady down the street from me has not left her property in a long time.

Her vehicle has sat in the driveway on touch for at least a year.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows not this particular lady is a hoarder. The smell coming from the property is entirely awful, until the county got involved, there was trash plus garbage all over the front plus back shrubbery. I have no idea where the lady was getting so much stuff from, because she literally never left her house. When the county officers got involved, all of the trash plus garbage was cleared. A few weeks later, there was a sign in the front yard stating that the property was for sale. The hoarder property was easily in terrible shape, but I saw room for improvement plus potential to make money. I contacted my sibling, because she is a real estate agent plus contractor. I told my sibling about the hoarder property in Jacksonville that was for sale. My sibling lives in St Mary’s, however her stadium is not too far from Jacksonville. She drove down the next weekend plus we went to look at the property together. I had to wear a mask inside of the house, because the smell from the cats was making my eyup burn plus water. My sibling said that the order House in Jacksonville was a great property. She told me to make a money offer. She put up the funds for the money offer once it was accepted plus the two of us are going to toil together to flip the house.

sell my termite damaged home