Selling a property after storm damage

My husband and I were delighted to find a house for sale right on the St.

Johns river in Jacksonville.

We were able to afford the property because it was in fairly poor condition. It had been left vacant for several years, and before that, there hadn’t been any updates in a really long time. All of the appliances were terribly outdated. The windows leaked air, the doors wouldn’t close properly and the ceilings and walls were water-damaged. The electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems wouldn’t pass a home inspection and required replacement. We handled the renovations gradually. It was a great deal of effort and expense. We took out loans, hired professionals to handle the proper permits and completed some of the work on our own. Right about the time we were happy with our results, a hurricane hit the coast. There was widespread flooding, high winds and power outages. Our location on the river exposed us to a great deal of damage. The house was filled with dirty water. Not only did it wreck the walls, floors, HVAC and electrical system, but we then had major problems with black mold and musty odors. My husband and I couldn’t afford to start over on the house. We didn’t have the willpower to tackle such extensive repairs. There was no way to sell the property in the conventional methods without sinking a lot of money into it. Our solution was selling for cash. We found a homebuyer in Jacksonville that provides cash offers on homes in any condition. We submitted an online form and got an offer within an hour.

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