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We build using caissons and grade beam.

Caissons and Grade Beams are foundation supports systems constructed by placing fresh concrete and reinforced steel (rebar) into a deep, drilled shaft hole. These reinforced concrete piles are cast in holes drilled through soil and rock layers down to the desired bed rock.

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We are leading the way in building and civil construction. By using Caissons, which are capable of supporting high, concentrated loads, structural supports, as well as in slide prevention applications. Caissons are viewed as a reliable, versatile, and economical foundation support solution.

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Our company offers a variety of services to meet your project’s needs: construction, safety, design management & delivery methods.

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We are a professional grade beam and caissons construction company. Grade beams are useful structural tool to bring support to a large opening or to connect caissons.  Used for hillside properties or if a soils condition requires.

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